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Kathy Mapp


For Sixteen years I was married to my job. That’s what The Lord said to me when He called me away from the commercial design industry and sent me on my way to full time ministry, marriage and a family. I could hear God laugh with delight when our first child was born when I was 40 years old and our second at 42. An Elizabeth or Sarah of the twenty first century. It was from this time forward our children became ‘THIS ONE THING I DO’ in my life. Feeling totally incapable of having the first idea about raising children I began to read everything I could find.

Actually children scared me to death. There was something about them. I knew they could see straight into my soul. So, once I had my own, I wanted them to know they could trust me and I would do the best I could and with the help of the Lord I would do better than I, alone was able. And I wasn’t alone. My husband was learning right along side me.

I discovered that God had put everything they would need for life and Godliness within each one, so all I had to do was help them become who God already knew them to be. He has every detail figured out and Holy Spirit is on task to make everything known, in God’s time.

There is always more of God to know. He is unsearchable and Holy Spirit is the beloved messenger to the depths of Gods love and the fullness of His understanding. This is what I wanted my children to have for life. And now I find there is even more for us from the depths of the Love of God, His Holy Spirit FIRE. It’s His Kingdom FIRE.


Books by Kathy

Treasure of Great Worth